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Purpose / How to use site?

What is this Blog all about and how to get the best from it? 

Well, the basic idea I had was to share some tips and techniques from my 30+ years of experience in running Projects so that hopefully you can take away something to improve the chances of a successful execution in your Project or even use the site as a means of training yourself in Project Management skills and techniques.

Humour and remembering the message

I try and combine delivering some thoughts with a bit of humour along the way. Project delivery can be a really serious place at times but if you can raise a smile it helps relieve the pressure on you and the team. As important, I find that a bit of humour and a "strap line" picture/proverb can help retain the information. 

Those of you that have worked with me will know I come out with some strange things at time such as:
These are my strap lines for remembering some important messages and once I have explained the background to a team mate it gives me the greatest pleasure when they use the phrase back in a subsequent discussion!

Use the site for Project Management Training

If you want to to use the site as a means of training yourself in Project Management, there are 8 modules to take you through relevant posts in a logical sequence. Start at Module 1 - Overview

Finding posts on specific topics

Each post is labelled against some high level Project Management Topic Categories such as Core Skills and Techniques, Define Process, Do Process, Close Process and example posts from each label are shown within the site and the option to "View All". To see the complete list of categories, there is a list in the right hand sidebar.

The site also offers the power of Google search to find posts containing specific keywords. Click on the magnifying glass symbol within the menu bar and enter a word or two and Enter. You will be presented with a list of relevant posts.

So off you go, I hope you enjoy the Blog and get something useful from it even if it is just a smile!

David Willcox, Project Management Consultant