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Practical Guide Book for Project Managers available at Amazon

If you are a budding Project Manager who has enjoyed some of the posts in this Blog, you may be interested to learn that there is now, published on Amazon, a Practical Guide to Project Management book (both paperback and kindle versions) which has been written in the style of the Blog in terms of practical steps written with use of humorous cartoons, proverbs and analogies. This is explained in the following video.

In a world of many books about Project Management, why should you pick this one?

  1. This book is a practical, focused guide on the skills and the simplified processes needed successfully to deliver projects.
  2. It has been written by an experienced consultant Project Manager with a good track record, who has honed these techniques in 100+ projects and programmes of varying scale in different types of organisational culture over 35 years of doing the job day in day out.
  3. The style of the book is one, which has been used personally to mentor many budding PMs. It uses analogies and proverbs as well as over 70 hopefully humorous cartoons to help you remember the skills and techniques needed. There is scientific research, which backs up what the author has seen in practice about using this learning approach. Rather than learning by rote that Risk Management is really important to apply in your project, it is easier to remember the proverb "Attack the risks before the risks attack you!" especially when under pressure.
  4. The author has priced the book competitively to cover costs of production, because rather than aiming to make money he is motivated by a desire to improve the performance of the next generation of Project Managers.
In terms of chapters, the book first examines an important concept which is what success represents in a project before moving onto the key behaviours, softer and harder skills needed by a Project Manager. It finishes with the 3 processes I believe are needed to run a project, Define, Do and Close. The actual chapter names are:

  • The two dimensions of project success
  • Your behaviours, it’s all up to you!
  • Always remember the human side
  • The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place
  • Do the right project BEFORE Do the project right (Business Case)
  • Forget Stakeholder Management at your peril
  • Planning & Estimating, the Bonnie & Clyde partnership of Project Management
  • Attack the risks before the risks attack you! (Risk and Assumption management)
  • Manage External Dependencies or face the risk of a dropped baton in the relay race (Dependency Management)
  • Money makes the project go round (Financial Management)
  • Quality is generally transparent when present, but easily recognised in its absence
  • Configuration Management - boring to some but an important piece of the project jigsaw
  • A pilot doesn't try and fly a plane without instruments, neither should a Project Manager (Monitoring and Control)
  • A problem shared is a problem halved (Issue Management)
  • The Ancient Greeks called it correctly - Everything changes and nothing stands still (Change Management)
  • Process – Define a project
  • Process – Do a project
  • Process – Close a project
To find the book, search your local Amazon store for "Be a Better Sheepdog" or the hashtag #beabettersheepdog.

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