Saturday, 31 May 2014

Humour, Proverbs and Pictures are good memory joggers

Humour, whether visual or Proverbs (and ideally both) can provide useful memory joggers for a Project Manager to apply at work whether undertaking a PM discipline or interacting with team-mates or even senior stakeholders. I am a great proponent of this approach as my project team-mates will testify!

Humour, Proverbs and Visual Images aid Project Manager Memory
You will find such humour across all my Be a Better Sheepdog blog posts but hopefully with some useful messages too.

Keeping good Project Management principles in the forefront of your memory

Most Project Managers are time poor and need to think on their feet so I am a strong believer that Proverbs, Pictures and Humour can help you retain good principles in your head. I have even looked at the science of memory which I believe backs my theory. I expanded on this within a post I wrote for the Association for Project Management.

Humour can also help in your Project execution

Considering the Human side of Projects, Humour can help during your Project execution in that:
  • It creates a common ground other than pure work related matters and thus aids team spirit
  • It can help diffuse stressful situations

Alternative Proverb and Cartoon based Project Management Manual

I have put together an alternative Proverb based Project Management manual for those of you that find the PRINCE2 manual or PMBOK rather long and dry reads. So if you want to see lots of cartoons, proverbs and few words, have a look. Enjoy!


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