Friday, 3 March 2017

Project Management Manual in Proverb Cartoons

Project Management manuals can be somewhat dry reading. Even the Better Sheepdog site has many many paragraphs! 

For those that like things really simple but visual, this is a manual for Project Management in Proverb Cartoons with only a few words of comment to augment the cartoons but the possibility to link to the full article and Proverb details. 

Remember that Pictures, Humour and Proverbs can also aid memory retention

They are broadly broken down by the 3 Main Better Sheepdog Project Management Processes with a page for other aspects:

3 Step Better Sheepdog process for running a project

  1. DEFINE process
  2. DO Process
  3. CLOSE Process
  4. Other e.g. PM Behaviours

If you prefer more traditional Project Management training you can find it here


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