Monday, 23 May 2016

A Rival to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK)?

The two year project to brain dump my thoughts on improving Project Success is near a close with some hopefully informative posts accompanied by cartoons and proverbs to occasionally amuse you. I therefore want to commend this Blog to you as a reference site to use in future as you manage your Projects especially if you are fairly new to the role. 

As a rival to the PMBOK I will call it the BSBOK which truly appeals to my sense of humour :-) [Better Sheepdog Book of Knowledge of course!]

Better Sheepdog Book of Knowledge

How to use Blog as a reference site

This is covered in more detail here but in brief you can click on the Tags button in the right hand margin and select a topic label or I find Search at the top of each page works well. So if you are doing some planning and want to look at guidance, either look for the topic label or enter the word "planning" in search.

BSBOK Examination

Like any good Project Management approach, there needs to be an Examination. I think any good Project Manager needs to be able to solve puzzles such as:
  • how am I going to get the plan back on track?
  • how am I going to address this difficult stakeholder?
Therefore the Examination will be in the form of a Crossword puzzle and can be found here.

Anyone who emails with the correct answers will go on the site honour board, good luck!

and finally Thanks...

Lastly, I want to thank my colleague Manoj for encouraging me to commence this Blog back in 2014 and to all of my followers for reading & commenting on the posts during the last two years. 


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