Monday, 23 May 2016

Better Sheepdog Book of Knowledge (BSBOK) Examination

To prove that you have studied the Better Sheepdog Book of Knowledge (BSBOK) requires an Examination which is in the form of a crossword puzzle as Project Managers need to be able to solve puzzles to deliver their Project!

Anyone emailing successful answers to will go into the Hall of Fame. Please supply your name and your personal Project Management slogan / comment.

Better Sheepdog Crossword Puzzle

You can print the crossword puzzle via this PDF

3.This is one of the 4 leadership styles suggested by Better Sheepdog? (8)
6.Kipling recommends six honest men help with Project definition according to Better Sheepdog. What is the longest name of one of the men? (5)
7.Better Sheepdog says that Newton's first law of motion can be applied to change management, fill in the missing word -People tend to continue travelling in the same direction.....unless acted on by an external xxxxx? (5)
8.Better Sheepdog says there are two dimensions to success in a Project. One dimension is for the Project Team, who owns the second dimension? (7)
14.Complete the Proverb, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to xxxxxxx xx"? (6,2)
16.According to Better Sheepdog, what is the special risk to consider on an IT Implementation regarding people spotting "problems" which already existed? (4,5)
18.In the six "thinking hats" approach to meetings, what coloured hat does a person wear when expressing traits such as optimism, positive, opportunities, benefits? (6)
19.A RAID log covers 4 key aspects to be managed and it is an acronym. What does the letter "A" represent (plural)? (11)
20.Fill in the missing word in this phrase? Good estimators aren't modest, if it is xxxx, they say so! (4)
21.To ensure that your project documents are fit for purpose, Better Sheepdog suggests that you need to produce a planning document named? (7,4)
23.According to Better Sheepdog, Resource Planning could be better described as “Establishing your what” (7,4)?
25.What is the name for the storage structure used for organising project documents? (7,4)
27.A standard risk assessment to be carried out for all resources is “How will the project cope if the person is suddenly unavailable for an extended period”. Better Sheepdog calls this assessment what? (4,5,1,3)
28.From your planning, anything which needs to be delivered but isn't part of your Project scope is called an External what? (10)
31.What skill does Better Sheepdog suggest that an effective Project Manager has to obtain information and support from various sources, sometimes on an informal basis? (10)
32.What does Better Sheepdog recommend be confirmed about the Board members in the first Project Board? (16)
34.Fill in the missing word in this Better Sheepdog phrase? xxxxxxxxxx kill IT Projects! (12)
36.What does Better Sheepdog suggest that each Planning Assumption represents to your project? (4)
37.Fill in the missing word in this phrase from the Ancient Greeks? Everything xxxxxxx and nothing stands still (7)
38.What is the Better Sheepdog name for the often used but least good approach for assuring the quality of documents produced by the Project - Review by what? (11)
39.Name the person (role) who owns the Project and especially the Benefits? (7)
40.What type of meeting does Better Sheepdog suggest that you hold before starting a critical Project Phase? (5)
41.When running a meeting what does Better Sheepdog suggest the meeting organiser does to set the scene and objectives? (4,2)

1.Honest communication is an important behaviour to look for in a Project Manager. Complete the Proverb "The most valuable and least used phrase in a Project Manager's vocabulary is x xxxx xxxx (1,4,4)"?
2.What planning should go on with regard to the Benefits of the project? (11)
4.The Better Sheepdog way of remembering key Project Management prompts is Humour, Pictures and what? (8)
5.When you have a list of project stakeholders, how does Better Sheepdog describe how you put them into different buckets for ongoing management? (7)
9.Complete the Better Sheepdog Proverb? "Nothing is xxxxxxxxx for the person who doesn't have to do it!" (10)
10.Fill in the missing word in this phrase? Estimators do it in group, top down and xxxxxx up (6)
11.Planning is important but should be balanced with what according to the Better Sheepdog Proverb "Planning without xxxxxx is futile, xxxxxx without planning is fatal"? (6)
12.What does Better Sheepdog suggest that you should you do with Risks before the Risks do the same to your Project? (6)
13.Before embarking fully on Project execution what document should be used to confirm that organisation funds and resources are being used on the correct Project (8,4)?
15.The Better Sheepdog approach to producing a Budget during Initiation is a spreadsheet with a calendar broken down by what? (5)
17.You need to escalate to your Sponsor as the Project is forecast to be outside agreed targets. What is the wrong method to raise this escalation? (5)
22.What very useful PRINCE2 document (one per Product) to help ensure a good quality product does Better Sheepdog suggest need NOT be created in some circumstances where the principles are handled elsewhere? (7,11)
23.What does Better Sheepdog suggest that you may have to throw in regard to say a difficult stakeholder or team member (7,5)
24.When producing a schedule, who shouldn't be on the critical path as a resource undertaking a task? (7,7)
26.The accuracy and quality of plans often degrades over time from today. Better Sheepdog calls this what? (8,5)
29.What is the Better Sheepdog partner to Planning as Clyde was the partner to Bonnie? (10)
30.Complete the missing word in the Better Sheepdog proverb - What is not xxxxxxx has not been said! (7)
33.Fill in the missing word in this phrase? If Project Scope is allowed to change freely the rate of change will exceed the rate of xxxxxxx! (8)
35.What is suggested to manage stress in the Proverb "A xxxxx a day keeps the stress away!"?
38.What type of report does the Project Manager produce near the end of the Project? (6)
39.Fill in the missing word in this phrase? Q-How do Projects xxxx? A-one day at a time (4)


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