Project Management Proverb Cartoon Manual - Other

Here are the Proverb Cartoons that don't easily fit into DEFINE, DO or CLOSE Project Management processes:

The Human Aspects of Project Management

PM means People Management too

Never forget that Projects are delivered by Human teams. Recognise that there are different personality types, you will probably need to form the team ethic and motivate them.

Project Leadership Styles

Risk of miscommunication in Projects

Good Communication is important in many Project aspects but there are always risks of miscommunication.
Teasing out Project Requirements can be difficult

The ability to establish the correct business requirements is a skill and often, these need to be teased out from users.

Commit key Project communications to writing

It is important to commit some communications to written form!

See more on Communication here

Use of Email within Project Teams

The volume of Email traffic during a Project is likely to increase over a BAU situation and you need to encourage when to use and when to avoid.

Project Status Reporting

One key piece of communication to get right is a weekly status report
Help Project Sponsor through Project Management processes

You need to help the Sponsor through the difficulties of the Project Management process but avoid too much jargon!

Behaviours to exhibit as a Project Manager

Stand your ground as a Project Manager


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