Project Management Proverb Cartoon Manual - Do Process

Here are the Proverb Cartoons broadly related to the DO Process broken down by topic:

Monitoring and Control

So you are a pilot and have established your flight plan. You don't then sit back and not bother to monitor your instruments until you land the plane. Neither should a Project Manager!
Monitor your Baseline Project Plan for slippage

You need to monitor closely against your baseline plan else 1 day slippage will lead to 2 days which will lead to ......

Project Monitoring beware percentage complete

Beware of asking for "what percentage complete are you on tasks?". Estimate to complete (ETC) is a much better approach to monitoring.

Project Monitoring - Measure to Manage

It is to good to have metrics or measures in place to monitor progress, as per the Proverb "what you can't measure, you can't manage!"
Project Cost Tracking

It is not enough to just monitor and control the plan, don't forget to track your costs

Keeping the Sponsor and Board informed

Project Status Reporting

I recommend production of a weekly status report which has a number of benefits in production

Project Board Meeting Preparation

You should have formal Board meetings periodically, I normally aim for monthly. Project Board meetings require careful preparation.

Issue Management

Project Issue Management

You will extremely lucky not to have the odd problem occur during your Project execution. You need to manage these properly.

When to escalate to Project Owners

On rare occasions you may want to escalate to your Sponsor or Board members. You need to understand the circumstances when you will do this and how to go about it. Timing is also important, the PM in the cartoon was a tad late!

Bad News to Project Sponsor

And hopefully you can pick the correct approach to give bad news to your Sponsor?

Change Management

Project Change Management

You need to understand your baseline(s) and then exercise Change Management if somebody requests a change.

Too Much Project Change is Dangerous

Watch out that the rate of change doesn't derail progress.

Other aspects of the Proverb Cartoon Project Management Manual


Startup companies need to keep track of their employees and their companies overall efficiency in that sense we need to look into efficient concepts like project resource planning tools, to be implemented..Which will not only help us to improve the overall efficiency but also we can track the individual output of each and every employee..In that sense it will be a great value addition.

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