Project Management Training Module 4 Do Process

The purpose of these Training Modules is to guide you through the Be a Better Sheepdog site in a logical sequence to help you to become a better Project Manager whether you are new to the role or wish to improve on your performance. This is Module 4 of 8 of and provides a description of the DO process where most time will be spent; see other modules at the bottom of the page.

Be a Better Sheepdog 3 step process for running a Project

In a perfect world you have completed the DEFINE process and have a Project Definition agreed with the Project Owner (Sponsor / Project Board) before then formally executing the DO Process.

However back in the real world, you are likely to have started the DO Process before the DEFINE process is fully completed - this is just the nature of life to start and make some progress (and therefore complete sooner) rather than wait for every "i" to be dotted. But agree this with the Project Owner at all times before the Definition is agreed. I covered this concept in this post with the Proverb "Planning without Action is Futile; Action without Planning is Fatal"

In the DO process, you execute according to the agreed Plan and use Monitoring & Control skills primarily although you will no doubt need to use all of the skills covered in Module 2 at some time or other.

So there is not a lot more to cover in this Module except that once the Project Definition is agreed, the principle of "Management by Exception" can be adopted and you need not bother the Project Owner if things are progressing within the tolerances agreed in the Definition. 

However it makes good sense to have a regular set of scheduled meetings (say once a month) with the Project Owner (Project Board) during the execution of the Project. Re-read the post on Preparing for your Project Board meetings. In between these, you can optionally copy Project status reporting (weekly) to members of the Project Board.

Be a Better Sheepdog Training Modules

  1. Module 1 - OVERVIEW - an overview of the training and basic concepts 
  2. Module 2 - PM SKILLS - what skills and behavioural characteristics you need to develop to be a successful Project Manager?
  3. Module 3 - DEFINE Process - describes this important process to ensure that we have identified the Owner of the Project, agreed the objective, developed the plans etc
  4. Module 4 - DO Process - executing the Project ensuring that the Project Manager is monitoring, controlling, communicating, escalating when required etc (this module)
  5. Module 5 - CLOSE Process - things to complete before the Project ends and the temporary project organisation is disbanded
  6. Module 6 - OTHER information not already covered
  7. Module 7 - IT PROJECT specific information, skip if you aren't running such projects
  8. Module 8 - RECAP & TEST - A recap and an opportunity to test yourself and join the "Be a Better Sheepdog" Hall of Fame
  9. Project Management Manual in Proverb Cartoons - if you prefer your training visual, this is for you


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